Andrew DG Hunt

Andrew DG Hunt


Andrew DG Hunt is a Lighting Designer particularly interested in storytelling, his work spans the gamut of dance, theater, opera, and architectural lighting.

When working in the Architectural realm, he looks to uncover the narrative of a space, helping clients and owners walk through the broader context of their space, in its place, and understand how light reveals the uses and aspirations of a room. He aims to reveal the full form and texture in the built environment to help people comfortably inhabit their spaces, while remaining grounded in the human scale and personal experience.

When working in Performance he is excited by new work, and stories that look at the commonplace through a slanted point of view. He participates in a storytelling process by actively communicating about solutions to collaborative design questions. Andrew aims for simple, elegant solutions to any design problem, and constructive flexibility in modifying designs when logistics get in the way.

Currently based in Rochester NY/ New York City on a shifting basis, he has created designs for Elisa Monte Dance, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Buffalo Irish Classical Theater, SheNYC Festival, Rough Draft Festival, and Houston Met Dance Company, as well as individual theater and opera productions. While at Reveal Design Group he has worked with Karin Payson Design, WATG, Wimberly Interiors, Gettys Group, Overland Partners, Leo A Daly, Streetsense, Handel Architects, and Jefferey Beers International. Independently he has worked with Bero Architects, as well as Private clients to illuminate their home and work spaces.

Andrew holds a Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. He also holds a BFA from University at Buffalo Department of Theater and Dance, and a BA from the University at Buffalo Department of Psychology.

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photo credit: Louis Stein