Standing Rules

Upstate NY USITT Regional Section STANDING RULES

(Adopted 2-6-2021)

Additional officers:
Vice-Chair for Programming- This position will include 2 people that will be elected in opposite years as outlined
below. They will be responsible for planning our Fall Meeting, Winter Meeting and Jobs fair, and any other meeting
that may happen during the fiscal year. The Vice Chair for programming shall perform other such duties as may be
assigned by the by-laws and/or the Chair.
Vice-Chair for Membership – shall be responsible for membership services and membership
campaigns. The Vice Chair for membership shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the
by-laws and/or the Chair.
Vice Chair for Communication – Shall be responsible for the distribution of information to section members, via
contemporary media and distribution practices.
Past Chair- Shall be responsible for administration of elections and section ballot measures, Shall also be
responsible for leading any section bylaw revisions
Webmaster- This position is appointed by the e-board and can be included in the duties of another officer. They shall
be responsible for the updating and maintenance of the official section website.
Election Schedule:
Elections take place following the USITT National Conference in accordance with our bylaws Article 2, Section

  1. Positions on the ballot will be as follows:
    Odd Years: Chair, VC-Membership, VC-Communication, VC-Programming (1)
    Even Years: Secretary, Treasurer, VC-Programming (2)
    Dues Structure:
    Individual Members
    Individual – $10
    Professional – $15
    Student – Free (with scholarship)
    Organizational Members
    Supporting – $100
    Sustaining – $200
    Contributing – $300